Gen 2Prius Multifunction Display Failure? We can fix it for $550.00

Is the multi function display (MFD) (touch screen) in your 2004-2009 Prius giving you grief? Failures seem to be on the rise as the fleet of Generation 2 Prius ages. Symptoms range from the screen not coming on at all to the screen not responding to to inputs, responding slowly, “external device not connected” is displayed or the inputs being shifted from their proper locations. These problems can be intermittent or constant.

The first time we ran into this, I called the Toyota dealer to price a new unit and was shocked. I don’t remember exactly but it was in the neighborhood of $7000.00 just for the part. At the time it seemed to be an uncommon problem so we decided to harvest a used screen from a wrecking yard and solved the problem. As far as I know, the handful of used screens we have installed are still working fine.

For some reason, something told me not to recycle away those broken units so they sat on a shelf, collecting dust until recently when a customer called to see if I could match or beat Toyota’s price of around $1900.00 for a rebuilt screen installed. Delighted that Toyota was offering a more affordable solution, I once again called my Toyota wholesale counterman for the new price and was told once again, that a new unit would be around 7k. They knew nothing of this new, lower priced refurbished display. A little more digging and I discovered that the only way for someone to get their display fixed at that price was to go to the dealer and pay them for the part and labor, no over the counter sales. I was infuriated. Is some law being broken here? I had to find a solution….And I have.

For $550.00 plus tax we will exchange your Navigation Equipped 04-09 Prius touch screen with a reconditioned unit the same day (or while you wait if schedule allows).
For $550.00 plus tax we will do the non Navigation MFD.

I have the most popular numbers on the shelf most of the time.  In the event I remove your screen to find I don’t have the right part we can either ship yours out and get it fixed (takes a couple of weeks), or I can order a salvage screen and install it in your car a couple of days later. I will warranty either option for one year regardless of mileage. (Toyota’s warranty is one year or 12k miles, whichever comes first). The price of the salvage MFD is subject to the whim of the salvage yard. Labor is 149.00

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