Lost Prius Keys (some info here is obsolete) See “Lost Prius Keys 2”

How many functioning key fobs do you have for your Prius?  Did you buy your Prius used and it only came with one? Recently we have had a string of folks coming in with missing or non functional key fobs.  Sometimes, a battery replacement is all that is required but the reality is that in many cases the years are catching up with the fobs and they are wearing out.

If you are down to one functional key, we highly recommend adding at least one spare. Some independent shops will have the ability to register new keys to your Prius (or any Toyota product) provided you have a a working key in your possession. Factory level software is required to accomplish this. However, if you have lost both fobs, or have been limping around with only one and it fails or is lost, your options become very limited.

Until recently, your only option was to pay a visit to the dealer to have the fobs programmed. Or , visit one of the few independents who had the capability.  Luscious Garage in S.F. is one. But guess what? For folks reluctant to go to the dealer, driving from the south bay to the city just to get a new key was a little to much to ask.

Jacoby’s Auto has solved this dilemma.  We have recently become registered as “Vehicle Security Professionals” with the NASTF (National Automotive Service Task Force). This, combined with our factory level Toyota Techstream Software gives us the capability to register new keys on Toyota products, even if you have no functioning keys.

We don’t recommend purchasing keys from the internet (who knows what their true origin is). A new key fob from Toyota (with mechanical key cut to your vehicle included) runs around $150.00 at the time of this writing. If you are simply adding a key, we charge $55.00 to register it. If you have no functioning key (and it must be fully functional including door lock and unlock buttons) then a complete reset of the the immobilizer system will be required. We charge $110.00 for this service regardless of how many keys you purchase. We always recommend having at least two.



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